Let DriveStar Take Your Wheels and Drive You Home.


DriveStar is a driving service that uses your car to drive you safely to your destination. Our professional driving services are used mostly by individuals who wish to return home after a long event at a country club, wedding, or social function such as holiday party or night on the town, and prefer not to drive home. We make it our job to get you home safely so that a fantastic night out doesn’t take a turn for the worse.

How it Works

Our drivers are safe, licensed professionals. Don't let a long night out impact your reflexes just enough to get you into a jam. We’re here to make certain that doesn't happen. The consequences for an accident, or a ticket, or loss of license can be a powerful reason why DriveStar is your safe alternative if you're unable to drive home.

Corporate Accounts

DriveStar encourages partnership with country clubs, and event planners and banquet facilities. Offering DriveStar services in a contract package adds value to an entire function while lowering liability, and taking guess work out of getting people home. Medical facilities should consider bundling in DriveStar with pre-arrival instructions so patients can make arrangements before-hand to take them home safely.